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Memento Mori bits

“Eventually, body and soul will have to separate, just as they existed separately before we were born. So why be upset if it happens now? If it isn’t now, it’s later.” Epictetus

That later will be your now again.

For most of us, the time we have seems not enough. We have only ever known this existence. So, it is difficult to settle our hearts and minds on the concept of our no longer being here in this world physically. But it most certainly will be so.

Settle your hearts now. Make the most of the time you have remaining. Live. Truly live. Whether you have a week, months, or years. Live every one of those days as you would if you knew you had limited time. Because my friend … you do have a very limited time to be here.

Don’t waste it. Love. Don’t waste it hating. Don’t waste it fighting and squabbling. Don’t live with fear. Live with freedom. Be who you are. You are beautiful and complete as you are. Live. Celebrate each moment. Tear it up. Break it. Give yourself grace when you fail. God does. Love some more … and more … and more. Breathe your last breath with no regret.

Thinking of wise words from my Mom today

Michael Marler, P.M.

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